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Cheuvront Space is a little place for us on the web to share our current projects with anyone that may have an interest of learning more. We are a small family based team of tinkering makers that have plans for a few different projects such as drones, satelitte trackers, rockets, weather stations, astrophotography, and that is just our starting list..

We hope to start to the first two projects this year (slowly but surely) then expand on them in the coming months and years.

Projects Cheuvront|Space

We will keep a list and description of all of the current projects in the works.

#3dMonkee - this is our exploration into the world of 3D printing.
We purchased a Wanhao Duplicator i3 v2.1 - PowerSpec (Microcenter) branded.
I am actually very impressed with the quality right out of the box. We were up and printing withing 30 minutes of opening the box. This included unboxing, assembling, balencing, leveling the bed, and uploading our first test print.
Later that first day I went ahead and setup OctoPi - OctoPrint on a RaspberryPi3.
We have a lot of learning to do. There is going to be a lot of tuning anf tweaking. I do love the fact that most of the mods and upgrades are being printing bt=y the printer itself. I will put up pictures of what we are doing and if we create or remix any models ourselves I will post of links to Thingiverse or any other sites we may post them.

#MonkeeGrip - a build of the open hand project.
3d printing all the pieces then building out the servos and tendions and all controlled by Arduino. I want to add in a BCI ability to see if we can control it using the OpenBCI Gaglion board. This will be a fun one to try to get working.

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Feel free to email us to provide some feedback, project suggestions, or to just say hello!